Portland Pudgy: Rugged Yacht Tender and Safety Boat Testimonials

A Portland Pudgy in the Falkland Islands

“Some time back I promised I would send you a couple of pictures of my dinghy here in the Falkland Islands.
Last weekend we put the Pudgy into the water as there were a few people about that were interested in trying it out. Of course it is winter here so it was cold, but we had a calm day which was great for playing around. Everyone took turns going for a row, making comparisons to their own dinghies.
The first photo shows skipper of famous sailing yacht Wanderer III, Thies Matzen and his wife Kicki. They normally row side by side with one oar each, and that worked well too.

The thing that impressed the most was the stability. In the second photo Thies walks around the edges of the boat which was no problem, even at the front.

The third photo shows Ted and Leneke Pearson from New Zealand sailing yacht Denique who were also impressed with the buoyancy and stability. Here Leneke is pointing out all the useful rope handholds all around the boat.

All the best to you
Bob McLeod
Falkland Islands”

The Smalls on their way south from New Hampshire:

Motoring the Portland Pudgy in heavy weather

“Just a day in the life of sailing down to warm weather. A simple task of doing laundry can turn into a long process. Having fun in our Portland Pudgy.”  Nate Small. Another great video from the Smalls! This one, “Let’s Do Some Laundry” really gives you an idea what a great workboat the Pudgy is.

More about the Rugged Portland Pudgy dinghy

Andy G of Louisiana says the Pudgy is: “the only boat that I would allow my grand daughters to play around in with complete safety” (photo above).

“The Pudgy has been the darling of the docks since its arrival…We are looking forward to expanding our boating world with new Pudgy sized adventures.” Jeff G., Nottingham, NH

“Some more positive feed back on the Pudgy.  We love it!  We live onboard our ketch…and my wife has taken to rowing it a mile or two every day… I have been impressed with the sailing ability of the boat, especially in heavy winds… I haven’t yet found the winds where capsize seems possible!” Bill K., Sausalito, CA

“Better performance characteristics in one package than any dinghy I’ve seen…The best dinghy ever made!” Mike M., Harborside, ME.

Portland Pudgy yacht tender, on its way through the Northwest passage.

“We love our dingy…It has been instrumental in saving our boat when we ran aground because it rows so well in rough weather and can handle two 45 pound anchors being dropped in it for kedging off a reef. It is a real workboat built for real world conditions. It is incredibly stable…In the sailing we do a dingy can mean the difference between life or death, and this isn’t in reference to the lifeboat abilities of the pudgy just its stability and durability.”  Rolland T. (While sailing the Northwest Passage with his family, up from Michigan to Newfoundland and then over Canada and down the coast of Alaska, 2008-09.) Photo above.

“Works great.” Tom J. NC (photo above)

[After saving a neighboring cruiser’s life] “I reached him just as he let go of the ladder [of his own yacht] and he became a dead weight on the back of my dingy. I had no choice but to try and haul him in over the stern and hoped that the dingy wouldn’t swamp with our combined weight of almost 400 pounds in the back of the boat. The Pudgy performed perfectly, I got a hold of his belt and pulled him aboard without taking on any water at all. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least…Score one for the Portland Pudgy, the little boat that will save your life!” Don Q., Mexico, NY (live aboard cruiser).  See the entire write-up here.

Don also says: “Something for sailors that actually does what it says it will.”

Pudgy in the Falkland Islands.

There are now four Pudgys in the Falkland Islands. This is the most remote shipment yet. (photo above)

“The Portland Pudgy is a success…[It] has a lot of capacity and does well in choppy conditions…Design and construction details are impressive.” Paul D., Sandwich, MA

“I went on vacation for a week and had a chance to sail and power my Pudgy around. There is no dingy that does everything perfectly, but the Pudgy comes closer than any other dingy I have ever been on.” Rob L., Riverside, RI

“We have already used the boat at the yacht club quite a bit and have had to show it to many members who saw it on our sailboat and wanted to know all about it.  Thanks for a wonderful boat. ” Rex A., Modesto, CA

“We are very pleased with the boat… I believe you have a winner here.” Vincent L., Sag Harbor, NY

We love the new  Pudgy…You all win the contest on follow-up and customer service.  It’s a pleasure to deal with your company…” Randy J., Clyde Hill, WA

“The Pudgy is great and much fun!” Allen W.

“We picked up our Pudgy and are very happy.” Susan S.,  Kirkland, Washington

Pudgy rowboat

“SUBJECT: My Pudgy (Tug) was a hit in the keys! Lots of inquiries Thank you for making it available for the trip!…We will be singing praises for the new boat!” Keat  P., Woodruff, SC (photo above)


“The Pudgy rows beautifully, with little effort.. the Pudgy goes where she’s pointed.  Period.  Like she’s on rails.  No arguments or drama…” Mitch Z., MD.

“My wife and I are very pleased with the Pudgy. With the center seat that flips forward to shift my weight, we can row with my wife in the aft seat without the transom deep in the water and the boat trimmed nicely. Having a white running light is marvelous. It tows very, very well.” Rob L., Riverside, RI

“My grandchildren can row the Pudgy very well since the seat heights are in the correct relationship with the oar and oarlocks which is critical for a starter. We had a hard time getting them out of the Pudgy when it was time for them to go home!” George H., Bustard’s Island, ME. (He ended up buying a second Pudgy, so he wouldn’t have to share with his grandchildren!)

“Just wanted to let you know that after receiving and inspecting my new Pudgy how impressed I am with its quality of construction and how every detail is so well thought out. Now after having taken this little boat out a few times for a row (not being a small man in weight or height ) its stability getting on and off at the dock and its ease of rowing against tide and wind for good distances is truly amazing. This little boat has in every way exceeded all my expectations!!!! I would recommend this boat to anyone who would want a tender for a larger boat or someone like me who just wants to row out to the bay and feel safe and secure in all conditions. Thank you for building such a good product; this seems to be so rare at any price these days.” Tony B., NY (photo above)

“Our PP, the O’Crumb being used for a bit of waterfall running at 76 Falls on Lake Cumberland KY. More fun than a barrel of monkeys!” Lew G., KY (photo above)

Peas in a pod!

More happy Pudgy owners (above)!

“Sometimes words alone aren’t enough, so I added a few pictures as evidence of what you already know: that the Pudgy – while certainly perfect for blue water – also has the versatility to be enjoyed for simple recreation on small lakes (and canals).” Sandy and Tom S., St. Charles, MO (photo above)