Guide to Portland Pudgy Parts

The Portland Pudgy is a simple rowboat or motorboat, a sailboat, or a lifeboat. You have a wide range of components to choose from, depending on your needs. You can customize your order by adding or substituting options from the Price List. This guide should help you identify which components will work best for you.

Note that if you are getting the Pudgy as a potential lifeboat, there are certain components that are basic “must-haves” (see Lifeboat Systems, below).

Basic Boat Systems

The standard basic boat includes oars, oarlocks, four oarlock sockets and adjustable middle seat (for two rowing positions), grab-lines, bridle, built-in compass, wheel, drain plug for self-draining, reflective strips, 12.5 cu. ft. of water tight storage in the double hull, and more.

If you plan to use your boat as a tender, we recommend a bow bumper and a boarding ladder/fender to protect the mother boat. These components also protect the Pudgy when docked.

The fully rigged basic boat includes all components of the standard basic boat, plus pump,  boarding ladder/fender, bow bumper,  boat cover, electrical system, solar panel, lifting eyes and davit harness for arm davits, or Weaver swim platform davits.

The Torqeedo electric motor (1003L) is also available from Portland Pudgy, Inc.

See Price List for details.

Sailboat Systems

The sail kit turns the basic boat into a fun, safe, and stable sailing dinghy that with skill can be sailed in 20/25 knot winds. It also makes it a self-rescue boat, even without the exposure canopy.

The sail kit includes a telescoping mast and boom, a gaff, two leeboards, a kick-up rudder, and a 41 square foot sail (white or orange) with a window. The mast and boom telescope to a shorter length and with the, gaff, sail and tiller, stow neatly inside the transom hatch.

The sailing system can include any and all of the Pudgy components in addition to the sail kit.

See Price List for details.

Lifeboat Systems

With the exposure canopy and sea anchor,  the Portland Pudgy safety boat becomes an unsinkable lifeboat. You can choose the basic lifeboat system or a dynamic system that lets you sail to safety.

Basic Lifeboat System:  This includes the basic boat, exposure canopy, sea anchor, and boat cover. We also recommend the pump,  boarding ladder/fender, and safety harness eyes.

 Dynamic Lifeboat System: Add the sail kit  to the lifeboat boat system, and the Pudgy becomes a dynamic lifeboat that can be sailed to safety.

The fully rigged lifeboat system includes the exposure canopy, sea anchor, boat cover, pump,  boarding ladder/fender, safety harness eyes, sail kit, electrical system, solar panel, davit harness for arm davits, or Weaver swim platform davits, and bow bumper.

See Price List for details.