Portland Pudgy Portland Pudgy dinghy Jet Black (tap for options)


Basic Boat – Jet Black

92” long x 53”wide. USCG approved 4 persons.


  • Two 6’-6” collapsible aluminum oars with retaining sleeves and collars ($195 value)
  • Richie compass standard (optional electrical system will illuminate compass)
  • Towing bridle harness (secures to two stainless steel eyes with backer disk for towing, lifting, or sea anchor).
  • Drain with tethered plug, Makes boat self-bailing with tethered drain plug (boat weight plus 25 lbs.)
  • Hand-holds in keel for righting boat (which comes up empty of water after capsize)
  • Three seats with hand holds (middle seat adjusts to two rowing positions for extra space and load/ballast adjustments; seat uses stainless steel pin hinges)
  • Five storage/access hatches w/gaskets (6.4” inside diameter. All accessory equipment, sailing rig, oars, exposure canopy, sea anchor, etc. fit through the access hatches)
  • Four reinforced through-holes fore and aft (used for tie-down, for securing fender/boarding ladder, and for use with an anti-theft, locking security cable)
  • Four stainless steel oarlock sockets (for use with adjustable middle seat) and two stainless steel oarlocks (with locking system which secures oars to boat) ($52 value)
  • Double roller wheels (allows one person to roll the boat on dock or landing ramp)
  • Grab lines (four)Set product image
  • SOLAS approved reflective strips (three)
  • Motor mount and aluminum retaining plate (removable) for long shaft 2HP or 3HP motors
  • Portland Pudgy Owner’s Manual.
Weight 275 lbs
Dimensions 95 × 56 × 42 in