Portland Pudgy Motorboat Testimonials

“We have put the Pudgy into the drink and are very pleased with its performance. It is very stable for such a small craft. It rows/tracks much better than expected. We put the Torqeedo motor on it yesterday and tooled around in a 5 knot current and 20knot winds. Considering the conditions, we were able to cruise at 5mph with two adults wide open, 4mph at half throttle. Amazingly, cruising through white caps, we remained dry.” Jeff G., Nottingham, NH

“We just got back from a great vacation in Big Bear Lake, California. The Pudgy, as usual, got put to good use fishing, sightseeing and just cruising around. Also as usual, I don’t think that any boat on the lake got as many double-takes from other boaters as the Pudgy. We’ve had our Pudgy for five years now, and I still smile every time I get to take it out. We still love our Pudgy!” Jim L., Huntington Beach, CA (photo above)

“It is pretty amazing how the movement of the two 100 pound dogs doesn’t much affect the Pudgy. In fact, they are excellent ballast; I think the Pudgy travels better with them as passengers.” Gail G., WA. (photo above) (Note the ingenious seat Gail rigged up.)

A bit overloaded and lots of freeboard

“We continue to have great fun with the Pudgy.” Bob and Sheila K., Butte, MT (photo above)

Still a lot of freeboard!

“You probably have many like these photos 🙂 We get some strange looks when she is full of people and dogs! We met a group of Ranger Tugs on this trip. Many were carrying Pudgy’s. Our love for the Pudgy is growing :-)” Val and Laura B., WA (photo above)